Turkey Gallant

Originally Published November 29th, 2016

As many of you know, Gerard "Turkey" Gallant was fired as head coach of the Florida Panthers a few days ago.

Last year, the NHL had two head coaches from Summerside PEI, a staggering 6.66% of all head coaches and today, there are zero.

Although I have my own theories regarding the idea that corporations are pushing to have Islanders removed from the NHL entirely, I will keep them to myself at this time. Instead, I would just like to share this fond memory I have of Turkey.

When I was in minor hockey, playing in atom, so about 10 years old, my dad introduced me to some Turkey who I didn't know at the time. He said this guy was some hockey wiz or something. That wiz was Turkey Gallant. 
Turkey told me about a secret trick that he had done all throughout his minor hockey career. he said:

"Jim, the night before a big game, I would go get my favourite puck from the basement and stick in the microwave with a dollop of butter on top. I'd slap that sucker in there for about 30 seconds or so, just enough to melt the butter real well. Afterwards, I'd take it out, spread the butter evenly around the puck, then I'd stick it down my shirt and sleep with it in there. Ooooo boy I slept with that butter puck for about 12 years, right up until I hit the AHL, and I'll tell you what young Jim, I credit that butter puck with every goal I've ever scored". 

So from then on, I too slept with the butter puck. I didn't score any goals, on account of I was a goalie, but every time I made a wicked save, I'd look up to the sky and blow a kiss to Turkey, and whenever I got home I'd thank my butter puck.

RIP Turkey. You did us all proud.

James Brown